Welcome to Wasif Khan, PhD. from Michigan State! Dr. Khan is an experienced fab engineer trained in Prof. Wen Li's lab



Kyounghwan Na's paper "Novel diamond shuttle to deliver flexible neural probe with reduced tissue compression" accepted in Nature's Microsystems & Nanoengineering



We are hiring!

Looking for microfabrication postdoctoral fellow. See advertisement here.


We are hiring!

Looking for neuroscience postdoctoral fellow interested in human language signal processing to work jointly with my lab and Dr. Nitin Tandon (tandonlab.org). See advertisement here.


Amada Abrego Mancilla joins as our Lab Manager and Lab Engineer. She has two MS degrees from Rice University and many years of experience in neuroscience experiments.



IEEE BRAIN Virtual Conference: Bioelectronics is coming up Nov. 26. John is speaking on microfabrication and too many other great talks to list here, so check this out.


Congrats to Dongxiao Yan for publishing in Advanced Healthcare Materials!


Seymour Lab will be presenting at the Neural Electronics Interfaces Conference GRC to be held week of March 15, 2020. Great list of speakers, so check this out 

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