Our research goal is to invent and demonstrate new sensors, actuators, electronics, and wireless systems that improve outcomes and also reduce the risk of infection and complications. If you are interested in developing new bioelectronics and have skills in electrical engineering, materials science, and bioengineering, please come join us.

Projects currently underway include: (1) Developing stereotactically delivered sensors and stimulators; (2) developing novel substrate materials that are capable with high resolution lithography, biostable, and compatible with electronics packaging; and (3) demonstration of a brain-machine-interface to treat speech-related deficits.

Other projects we are excited to be part of include NIH SPARC and our effort to develop ultrafine and ultraflexible microneedles for interfacing peripheral nerves and ganglia. I have led an effort to develop axon-sized microneedles using silicon and silicone in novel ways. We have a great team of collaborators including the Chestek Lab, the Bruns Lab, and the Yoon Lab

Our lab space is located both at the University of Texas McGovern Medical School at UTHealth and in Rice University’s BSR building, together with many other leading neurotechnologists. Our fabrication work takes place inside the Rice nanofabrication facility.

Please contact us if you want to contribute to this exciting cross-disciplinary research!


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